4.2 Your deliberate provision of inaccurate or unreliable information, intentional non-update of information that has been provided to us within seven (7) days of a change, or failure to respond to requests 15 days after the accuracy of your registration details constitute a substantial violation of the agreement and provide a basis for the suspension and/or termination of the agreement and/or the erasure of the domain registration. 1.3 You may be required to enter into a separate agreement or to agree to other online or offline terms with Alibaba Cloud, its affiliates or (in the international marketplace) for services or other services that involve the use of the Alibaba Cloud platform (« Additional Agreements »). In the event of a conflict or contradiction between the conditions and the endorsements, the endorsements prevail over the conditions only for the part of the services governed by the agreers in conflict. Accordingly, the proceedings find that the applicant advanced a prima facie case where the respondent obtained his trademark registration in order to support his right to the name of the disputed domain. It is now up to the respondent to present facts and arguments proving the existence of his legitimate rights or interests with respect to the domain name at issue. This is a subscription contract for the use of the Genymobile product and not a sales contract. The customer acknowledges that he has only a limited right to the Genymobile product and that, regardless of the use of the words « purchase, » « sale » or similar conditions, no ownership rights will be transferred to the customer under this contract. Genymobile and its suppliers own and retain all rights, securities and (if not expressly permitted in this Agreement) interest in and for the product. The customer is not obligated to give Genymobile suggestions or comments on products or services (« Feedback »). To the extent that the customer gives comments to Genymobile, the customer entrusts Genymobile with ownership of this feedback and Genymobile can use and modify this feedback without obligation, restriction or payment. In addition, the customer acknowledges that the Genymobile product is offered as an online solution and that the customer is not entitled to obtain a copy of the Genymobile product itself.

(d) if we believe this is consistent with ICANN agreements, registration agreements or consensus guidelines, or if our affiliates maintain compliance with ICANN registrar-registry agreements or consensual guidelines; Paragraph 3, point (c) of the internal regulation stipulates that a complaint may relate to more than one domain name, provided that the domain names are registered by the same domain name owner. However, the group does not consider that paragraph 3, point (c) should allow an individual person or agency to recruit a complainant on the unnecessary delays, costs and costs associated with opening multiple proceedings against registrants of technically different domain names, particularly when each registration raises many of the same issues.