In a written response, Judd defended the deal and said it reflected Trump`s high regard for border guards. This measure removes additional border guards from their jobs to focus on labour relations, while the government views the situation on the southern border of the United States as a national security crisis. It also expands the number of border guards whose role as union leaders allows them to conduct partisan activities, which is a potential advantage for the 2020 presidential campaign. President Trump has asked his border guard to enter into a new employment contract with the Border Patrolmen`s Union, weeks before the deal is signed in September, a deal that has significantly increased the number of union employees allowed to take out government pay without patrol, according to current and former administration officials. Under the Hatch Act, federal public servants are prohibited from engageing in certain forms of partisan activity, but union officials have much more leeway. Judd often mocks Democrats as a Fox News guest and Op-ed contributor; he and other union officials showed up at events at the White House in support of Trump; And Judd joined Trump at a promotional event in Calexico, California, in April, when the president visited a new stretch of the border fence. In May 2018, Trump passed an executive order with the « Ensuring Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency in Taxpayer Funded Union Time Use, » in which he instructed federal authorities to renegotiate their collective agreements and shorten official time, and said that « executive employees should spend their hours of service doing federal government work and serving the public. » Judd defended the allocation of hours of service and said his union`s new contract had been under negotiation since 2013. It characterized the official time as comparable to what the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents 27,000 U.S. customs and border guard officers and others – but not the Border Patrol – received in its 2017 agreement. In interviews with 13 current and former government officials on the union contract and the president`s role in securing an agreement, many said they see the new contract as a reward for Judd for his support of the Trump administration`s immigration policy.